This page indicates what slot machine symbols are and how they act, aside from apprising you about Wild and Scatter, the special slot symbols that you can notice while playing video slots online.

Nearly all gambling admirers recognize online slot machines, and those who know about online slots are familiar with gaming symbols. Even if you are a fresh casino lover, you might comprehend that gameplays of online slots get conducted through these slot symbols. But do you know how many types of symbols can be in a slot machine? Are you informed about the distinct characteristics of special symbols? If such aspects are still in your knowledge vaguely, there’s no point in waiting more!

Let’s go through all the following lines and have a lucid idea about the symbols of most loved online slot machines.

What Do Symbols Conduct in Online Slots?

While playing video slots, the decision of your win or loss entirely depends on the combinations in which slot machine symbols appear on reels. Generally, online slots pay through particular paylines always described with the titles.

When multiple similar types of symbols fall in paylines adjacent to each other, they generate winnings as per their values mentioned in the paytables. Hence, unless you are playing a progressive jackpot title, the highest win potential of slot titles significantly depends on the worth of slot symbols.

Therefore, always choose to play reputed video slot machines from renowned online gambling platforms. When it’s about a prominent casino, names like UFABET and their affluent slot machine assortments cannot pass without being mentioned.

Special Symbols of Online Slots

Aside from general symbols, online slot machines also contain some special symbols having abilities to trigger special features or wins, making gameplays even more intense. Let’s talk about them.

  • Wild Symbols:


The Wild symbol is one of the most common special symbols present in maximum online titles. These symbols are also commonly regarded as the joker, as their unique ability is substituting other symbols. After appearing on screen, these symbols can act as any other general symbol to complete a winning combination. However, this capability of it doesn’t work on Scatter symbols. You will also find this symbol in several varieties like Sticky Wild, Expanding Wilds, and Stacked Wilds. All of them contain unique attributes.


  • Scatter Symbols:


Scatter symbols are responsible for activating special features of slot titles they are linked to. In most instances, you will notice slot machine rules depicting 3 or more scatter symbols can trigger bonus rounds. With this feature of Scatters, they are somewhat identical to Bonus symbols whose aptitude is initiating bonus features too. Hence, the most online slot features either a Scatter or a Bonus symbol. However, Scatters’ only difference with Bonus symbols is they often have individual payout values attached to them. For example, you might find a scatter saying that it provides 300 coins if 5 of them are present on reels in unison. In most cases, Scatter symbols can come on any reel position and perform their tasks.

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