Some weird facts about the average football betting online gambler you might have never heard about. Check out some details about the real punter’s personality.

A football punter is the one person we can describe as an average gambler, who loves football and that has always loved the game. This is a person who you might imagine as a very rich person with a solid salary…earned from staying at the computer in his pajamas, eating junk food all day long and living the best time of his life in the evenings. But the truth is that no punter actually lives that way. And to assure you in this we have prepared a list with a couple of facts about the regular football betting online player’s lifestyle. In short, these are the things you might not want to know about the punter’s life:

  1. No punter can actually afford quitting his regular job. If you think that football betting lovers are as lucky as poker players to make his earnings from bets, you are wrong. Actually, there are few poker players who can afford such a thing.
  2. Punters have a disgusting daily routine. Those gamblers who are ambitious enough never to miss a single profitable football event are ok not to sleep for a whole week at nights and to go to work like zombies. If you are ready to become such a person and to forget about real social life in the sake of some solid extra cash from football bets, you definitely have some bright future in this.
  3. No, a punter is not a fat guy, who doesn’t have a girlfriend and who’s one from those nasty people screaming at matches and fighting the people who support the other team. Actually, most of the betting lovers are very intelligent. They work with stats and they understand football betting like a very profitable hobby.
  4. No football betting punter with an experience of at least 5 years in the field is loyal enough to remain in the same bookmaker for life. Punters are not loyal to bookies. They are not loyal to their favorite football teams. Punters know that emotions and personal attitude are things that have nothing to do with the betting algorithms and systems they should rely on to earn more money.
  5. The experienced punters actually don’t care about the bonuses in the bookies. When they choose a new football betting online website to register in they look at odds, markets and bet types. The most pretentious guys would have a glance at the customer support service and the possibility to place bets in crypto currencies. The promos are interesting to the punters, but they are not factors to love a specific bookie.

Do you find any similarities between your punter’s personality and these five things? Well, congrats! You are a real punter!

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