See how to pick up from slots and video poker games in Check out how to make such a choice with the proper guides.

Video poker games are popular poker formats. In many websites such as they are arranged next to poker games like Omaha, Texas Hold Em, Stud or 3-Card poker styles. Hence, if you see a casino to locate the video poker selection next to the slot games, don’t get confused. As a matter of fact, the video poker game is more of a slot machine rather than a card game. There are indeed cards involved in a classical video poker game, but you see them only on the screen and while doing it you keep your fingers crossed for making a combo of the cards that will bring you a win.

Doesn’t all of this remind of a slot game? By all means, video poker games are similar to slot games. However, they are not the same gambling products. This is why appearing in a dilemma which one to choose – whether to play a slot machine or a video poker game – is not an easy one at all.

Today, though, we will show you how to choose between slots and video poker games. Just follow our guides, guys:

  1. If you don’t want to play a game that mainly depends on the luck, avoid the slot and instead, opt for the video poker game. Video poker games actually require from you to make some decisions. In slots the only decision you make is your bet size. Ok, there’s one more, but it’s not that often available – whether to use the Gamble feature to double your prize or no.
  2. If you seek for as high payout ratio as possible, on mandatory select the video poker games. Indeed, VP titles are with higher payback than the slot games. By the way, the gambling experts, who claim the slots and video poker games are the same, say that video poker is the slot game with the highest possible RTP in the field.
  3. If you, though, want the maximum possible jackpot, then you need to forget about the video poker at the expense of the amazing abundance of slot games in the internet. By all means, a video poker game cannot offer you so big jackpots, especially if the slot machine is of a progressive type.
  4. Slots are more various and they provide the diversification a player, who gets sick and tired of the same gameplay, which is not possible for the video poker game. Once again go back to those experts, who believe that video poker is a type of a slot game. Well, they believe that video poker is just a specific theme in slot machine sphere listed alongside with the popular fruit, movie-based, adventure, mystic and other themes.
  5. They say that slot games are also more relaxing. This is not a fact that has been scientifically proven, but in a study 100 gamblers, who have never played either slot machines or video poker games claim that the slot experience was more tranquil and interesting.

So what’s going to be for you – a slot machine or a video poker game?


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