Blackjack is a game that is popular worldwide due to its very simple interface and way of playing. There are many words which one needs to know before playing it. In this article, we will tell you some of the most important words of this game.


Blackjack is the game name itself but other than that the player also is said to be blackjack when the sum of first two cards of him is equal to 21. The cards which are added up together to make the score twenty one are known as bust cards


In this game, the player can ask more cards with the dealer. If the sum of all the cards of the player becomes more than 21, he gets burst.

Hard hand

The hands in which there is a higher possibility of getting burst after taking any single extra card are known as ‘Hard hands’.

Hole cards

When the dealer distributes cards to the other players, he keeps his one card down and opens it only after the completion of every player bet. This down card is known as the whole card.


When players are not satisfied with those two initial cards, they ask some more cards from the dealer. For asking the cards in this way is done by saying the word ‘Hit’.


When the dealer keeps on giving extra cards to the player, the situation comes when the player becomes satisfied with his score. At this point, he wants the dealer not to give him any more cards. For doing this, they use the word ‘Stand’.


Though it’s spelling is the same as the shoe we wear, the ‘shoe’ in blackjack means a device, which holds the deck of cards.


This term is used by the player who is not happy with his initial hands and wants to quiet his hands in between. In this condition, he has to lose half of his initial bet.

Third base

The person which is last to bet and is on the extreme right of the dealer is known as third base.


This is the card of the dealer which he keeps open for everyone to see.


Above we have seen some very important words. Though these words are very important, there are many other words, which you should know very well. Those words you can easily learn while playing and practicing the game with the help of the above-given terms’ description.

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