If you are a sports fan, then you must have heard of online sports betting. These days there are thousands of sports betting sites that one can choose to bet from. These sites act as bookmakers, like in the real world betting scenario. They are bookies who give odds and also handle the bets likewise.


One of the most popular sports for betting is football. Thousands of fans out there are on the lookout to make good bets and win some good cash. Now, placing bets is easy. All you need to do is find the best site, log in, and put up a stake. Now it all depends on how the match goes. One of the most difficult and sometimes confusing jobs is choosing a bet to wager on.

Here are the four most popular bet types, which anybody can choose from.


 Over/Under bets

This is standalone, one of the easiest and most popular bet among the bettors. In this, the bettor will bet on the total number of goals, or cards produced, or corners in the game. The bookmaker will give a range and, the bettor will have to bet either under or over the range. The range margin can be from 0.5 (+/-) to 3.5 (+/-).


The bettor will have to study the players and their style and form to decide how much margin to bet.


Point spreads

Point spreads in the form of bet that every bettor is well aware of. This is the most popular football bet type. In this, the bettor will be betting on the winning team. They can either pick the favorite team or the underdog team. In this, the bet is set at $110, which means you will win $100 on a winning bet.


Now, the basic margin that the bookmakers will set is +4.0 for underdogs and -4.0 for favorites. This means if the underdog team wins by scoring four less, then the bettor wins. And, if the favorite wins by 4 points more, the bettor wins.



Parlays are where the teams are grouped, and the punter will bet on them together. The bettor will wager either on the winning teams or on the low scoring teams. However, the clincher is that all the teams must win in the parley or lose in a parley for the punter to get money.


Some tend to mix the parley groups into one or two teams with over or under the margin of similar types. In comparison, some other experienced bettors include 10 to 12 teams in the parley to hit big jackpots on low bets.


Prop bets

These types of bets include various gaming statistics and styles. In this, the bettors can bet on different events of the game, including:

  • Who will score first?
  • What will be the field goal?
  • Touchdown possession will be scored by which team
  • What will the passing attempts?
  • What will the total yards covered by a quarterback?
  • How many carries will be there while running back?
  • What will be the turnover, etc.?


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