Crimes, one of the serious issues that have been faced by many countries on a daily basis. There are many people who are moving towards these crimes and think that they are doing a great job and can earn more money than performing a task with honesty. Some of the people are entering the field of crime to frighten people and also to become the supreme power who wants to rule the world. All such actions have raised many cases of crimes in today’s world.

Observations made

According to the records of police, it was observed that many gangsters spend 80% of the income that they earn from the wrong means in the casinos and some of those gangsters do business in casinos. It was also noticed that the rate of crime was less when there were no casinos and as soon as these casinos start in a particular area then the crime rate in that area increases rapidly in just 2-3 years.

Though crime and casinos are always considered two different things as people say that casinos are a tourist spot and can observe many tourists are present there but it is also true that the crime rates are affected by the presence of casinos. There is legal action taken against the people and they work so smartly that they do not leave any evidence that they are the real suppliers of the wrong things and sometimes a chain, which needs to be broken to stop the crimes in the world.

Many of the reports have also clearly depicted that many of the casinos are run by serious crime makers and the reason behind it is two, first to earn more money and use it for their own benefit and second for easily supply of drugs and illegal weapons. There are many names revealed in this field for the past many years.


There should be some measures taken by the government to stop such activities or to stop such people who are spoiling in different countries. If the people who are present there or have gone to play notices such activities then should reach to the police so as to stop some serious issues. Police should also do some regular checks to avoid the risk of such activities and if they find some then they should honestly do their duties to arrest people and cancel their license so that other people might learn a lesson.

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